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Giulia lives in Milan. She is a professional musician and plays drums in a famous Italian band.

Marc lives in Barcelona, he is a flight attendant for one of the most famous low cost airlines.

Even being far away, the rain falls without warning, in the middle of their lives ...





Dedicated to those who believe in dreams,

in art,

in love

... in the magical effect of an unexpected encounter

WHEN THE RAIN FALLS is a romantic novel inspired by many real and personal experiences of Vanessa Grillone, so it is a very personal and intimate work of the author, the writing of which has served as self-help.

It could not be otherwise that an artist like Vanessa, linked her work to music and each of the 42 chapters of the book has the title of a famous song.

And we are aware that the second part is already underway !!


We leave you the link in case you want to buy it on Amazon:


soon in italian

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