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The Grillone's Band

Vanessa Grillone adapts her performances according to the type of music required at each moment, the stage or the type of event in which she participates. She can perform completely acoustic concerts accompanied by a keyboard and his voice, with melodic and more intimate songs. She plays Rock & Roll with one or two guitars and his voice, or surrounds herself with the whole band to perform magnificent covers of songs that make us dance to all or the themes of her new work #TODOCAMBIA.

Her work "Italian Job" is a clear example of a performance with the whole band:



The Grillone's Band is formed by Sergio Blanco (Keyboard), Jordi Gorchs (Guitar), Himi Jendrix (Guitar), Martí Sánchez (Drums) and Eleuterio Sánchez (Bass)

Also, in more acoustic sessions accompanied by guitars and keyboard, also collaborates with Vanessa Grillone, JB Ibanez (guitar and voice of Big Mouthers)

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Live concert with The Grillone's Band in their concert "Italian Job"

Sergio Blanco

Arrangements, voices and keyboard

Jordi Gorchs


Himi Jendrix


Martí Sánchez


Lute Sánchez


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