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Pictures and Videos

On the stage

Me, Vanessa


We leave a small sample of interpretations of Vanessa Grillone with different records and companions.

In her Youtube channel you will find many more videos that you will surely love.

Here is the link: 

  • YouTube

Acoustic with Jordi Gorchs on guitar, preparing the successes of Italian music, presented later in the ITALIAN JOB Concert that took place in the Sala Luz de Gas.

Acoustic version of Thinking out loud (Ed Sheeran) accompanied to the guitar by JB Ibanez (guitar and vocal Big Mouthers)

Performance during the ITALIAN JOB Concert in the Sala Luz de Gas room of the Eros Ramazzotti theme "The most beautiful thing" (Piú bella cosa) with The Grillone's Band.

Cover of the song "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay in a performance in Michael Collins, with the participation, as usual, of the audience.

Another sample of Vanessa's work "Italian Job", accompanied on stage by the Grillonne's Band. Compilation of well-known themes of Italian music.

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